Danil Maulalana

This guide will help you use motivational interviewing with others to achieve your goals.

Motivations can be applied to almost any issue, but if you need to motivate someone, you need the right type of interview to get them to change their behaviour.

The goal of a motivational interview is to encourage them to speak positively about themselves and others, and to ask questions that they might not have been able to ask if they hadn’t been motivated to do so.

If you are an introvert or an introspective person, you may not be able to get the motivation needed to use motivational interviews for your business.

But if you are someone who has an active social life, you might find that having a motivational interviewer to speak to can be the key to change in the workplace.

How to apply motivational interviewing The first step is to find the person who is most likely to be interested in using motivational interviews.

Ask them questions that you are comfortable with and you will be able tell them whether you are right for the job or not.

Ask for an opportunity to be interviewed and follow up to see how you go.

If they are open to the idea, you should be too.

If not, ask for another interview.

In the UK, employers are required to hold an interview with an employee every six months.

Some employers will ask for a minimum of two interviews a year, but many will offer a range of interviews.

To find the right person to ask the questions you want, you can: ask a question to a question that has a specific purpose in mind

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