Danil Maulalana

In the first week of November, the presidential election was not only the top story on Facebook, it was the most-liked news story of the year.

By contrast, the economy was barely mentioned.

And when the economy is mentioned, the top trending topics are social and political issues.

That is why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to the election’s popularity question was not “what is the economy doing?”

But instead, he suggested the two are linked.

“We are witnessing the biggest election since the Great Depression,” Zuckerberg said.

“And I think that we are seeing the biggest changes to our society and to our economy since the 1930s.

And the most consequential changes in this economy were in the 1930 and the Great Recession, and those were pretty big.”

That was followed by the election, which was the No. 1 topic on Facebook and was the top-performing story of 2017.

The news cycle was also filled with posts about the economic and social changes in the U.S. economy.

Many people were concerned about the effects of the election on jobs, and there were calls for a re-examination of U.N. sanctions on Russia.

“This is a country that has been a global leader on climate change and is moving in the right direction on that,” Zuckerberg told The Washington Post.

“But there’s more work to be done.

And we are going to see a lot of changes in coming years.”

Zuckerberg added that Facebook is “making progress” in reducing the amount of time people spend online.

And he reiterated his support for the “three Rs” of economic growth: tax cuts, more innovation, and more investment.

“When it comes to our businesses and our growth, we need to keep up,” he said.

Zuckerberg did not say how much time Americans spent on Facebook during the election.

But he did note that the top three most-shared stories on Facebook were not election-related topics.

The most popular story, which is what Facebook shares with other social media platforms, was about a young man who had a heart attack while riding in his car, and was hospitalized.

The next most-popular story was about the weather and the president-elect.

There were also some other popular topics that were not political in nature, including the president’s reaction to the hurricane, the number of Americans in the workforce, and the health care debate.

It is not clear what Zuckerberg thought of the results of the U,S.


However, he said he believes the election was a “game changer” for the country.

“The election was like the biggest game changer of our time,” he told the Post.

And, he added, the election “changed how people live their lives, and I think we’re going to continue to see that.”

Zuckerberg said Facebook had to be “a lot smarter” with the way it shares information and how it works with other platforms.

“There’s always more we could do.

We can improve the way we do things.

But we can’t do everything at once,” he added.

“It’s just a fact that we’re constantly innovating and we’re always learning.”

Zuckerberg is also facing a number of regulatory hurdles in the coming months.

Earlier this month, Facebook was ordered to disclose the names of the people who have donated to it through the end of November.

Zuckerberg is appealing that order, and he says he has “a good chance” of winning in the appeals process.

Zuckerberg also said he is confident that his decision to hire a number or more people from India to help run Facebook will pay off.

Facebook will invest at least $3 billion in India over the next five years, he told CNBC.

He added that India’s economy is “the second largest in the world,” and Facebook has “one of the strongest social and financial platforms.”

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