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What you need to know about the new government in Canada.

By Ryan MacdonaldPublished: March 01, 2018 11:32:18Canada’s government is facing criticism for its handling of the refugee crisis.

But some of the country’s most prominent social media personalities have been voicing their concerns, with one calling it “the worst election in the history of this country.”

Social media was ablaze Thursday morning after the Liberals announced they would delay the citizenship process for all permanent residents for one year and give permanent residents three months to leave the country.

The Liberals also said they would limit the number of people who can bring a spouse or child into Canada each year to 100,000, although they wouldn’t specify how many.

That’s in stark contrast to a Conservative government that announced plans in the summer to give permanent residency to all immigrants who have lived in Canada for more than two years, regardless of the citizenship status of the spouses or children.

Canada is one of the few industrialized nations that does not offer a visa-free regime for foreigners who have not lived in the country for more-than five years.

Many of Canada’s other countries do offer visa-less regimes for permanent residents, including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Canada has been criticized by international experts for not doing enough to help the hundreds of thousands of people currently stranded in the United States.

In a recent report, the University of Ottawa found Canada is failing to meet the UNHCR’s requirements for its refugee program, including a requirement that it resettle 10,000 refugees a year.

The government also announced it would no longer accept refugees from the U.S.

The Conservatives said they were “trying to protect Canadians from the terrible humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria.”

But the opposition Conservatives are urging Canadians to vote against the Liberals and to vote for Justin Trudeau’s Conservatives, whose policies have been criticized as too soft on refugees.

“It’s a terrible message to send to Canadians that the Conservatives are going to be so soft on Syrian refugees,” said Conservative MP Kevin Lamoureux, who is running for the leadership.

Lamoureaux, a member of the government’s foreign affairs committee, said he was concerned that the Liberal plan to extend the process to permanent residents was not “the only option.”

“I don’t think we should be going to the United Nations, I think we need to be putting in place some other solution,” Lamouresaid.

“I think that we need a plan for refugees to come to Canada.

Lamoupes party also released a new campaign ad criticizing Trudeau for his “lack of action” in Syria.””

But we need the Conservatives in power to be prepared to take a different path.”

Lamoupes party also released a new campaign ad criticizing Trudeau for his “lack of action” in Syria.

“Trudeau says he is going to help Syrians, but he’s not doing anything,” said Liberal MP and immigration critic Nathan Cullen.

“The Liberals have been so hostile toward refugees in this country, and to say that this is the worst election is a bit of an understatement.”

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