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Motivations to take action for the Monday morning commute may not have as much of an effect on your day as they do on the week, according to a new study from University of Michigan.

Researchers found that people are more likely to take the time to motivate themselves for work, school and family tasks if they are motivated by the positive effects of positive reinforcement.

The findings, published online in Psychological Science, found that if people were given the opportunity to motivate their behavior with positive reinforcement, they did not feel as motivated to get up and start doing their job.

However, if they were given an incentive to work, they were more likely than those who were not given the incentive to take a break and get ready for work.

The researchers believe this may reflect a lack of motivation for working, which is why they also studied motivation to skip work.

“People’s motivation for their daily activities and activities around the clock is a lot more variable than it is for the workplace,” lead author Jana Tischler, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at U-M, said in a press release.

“It may depend on the job and on whether they have other things to do at home.”

Motivation to get a good night’s sleep is a powerful motivator, but not as effective as the type of positive action that can motivate people to stay awake.

Studies have shown that people with less-than-optimal sleep patterns tend to be more aggressive in their work and life, according the release.

Motivations may also have a significant impact on how well people perform their work, as well as their ability to learn new skills.

“If we know how to motivate people, we can get them to take their time, but we can’t get them on track to do what they need to do,” Tischlin said.

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