Danil Maulalana

The new podcast Motivational Podcast aims to “get out your words and get your head straight”.

The podcast was launched by comedian/author Simon Garfield, who said it was about using words to inspire others.

“I’ve been teaching myself how to talk about things and be able to inspire people, so that’s why I’m here,” he said.

“When you say a word, it changes the way you feel about it and what you say.”

So this is about getting out your word and getting your head in the right place.

“The podcast, which is based on his new book Words That Matter, is being released in three stages: on iTunes, on Amazon and on the BBC iPlayer.”

You can tell people are listening because the podcast is just a conversation, it’s not a lecture.””

It’s going to change the way I talk about what I do and it’s going of course to get you out of your own head, but also to get your thoughts across to the people who are listening.”

You can tell people are listening because the podcast is just a conversation, it’s not a lecture.

“He said the podcast was also intended to get the word out about a project he was working on called The Conversation, which was about a group of people who talk about topics that are taboo and controversial.”

There’s a really strong social taboo around talking about a topic that is so taboo that there are people in this country who are just scared to go to a conversation about it because of the fear of what that would do to their social standing,” he explained.”

In my project The Conversation we’re going to take those taboo topics and try to get them out and get them discussed.

“We’ve also got a few different podcasts about the relationship between religion and science and other topics.”

Mr Garfield’s book, Words That Matters, is out on November 16.

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