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When it comes to movies, it’s no wonder that audiences like to see big box office hits.

But there’s also a risk that they might be disappointed by the film’s quality.

If you’re not happy with a movie, it could be because of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Here are five ways you can find out about the work of a movie’s director or screenwriter.


Look for a review onlineIf you’re lucky enough to be able to watch the movie at home, you can usually see it on YouTube or Vimeo, which are both free to use.

This gives you a much better idea of what went into making the movie than seeing a film on VOD.


Buy tickets to the film at the theaterA good way to find out what’s coming up is to attend the film festival.

Many films have special screenings at the beginning of each year that can be streamed online.

The downside is that there are no guarantees about how long they will last.

That’s why it’s important to book tickets ahead of time.


Visit the theatersThe best way to see the movie is to go to a theater that has tickets to a screening, like AMC, AMCX, or Regal Cinemas.

You can also reserve seats online or by calling the theater to ask if you can reserve a seat.


Get the DVD to review onlineNow that you’ve found a theater, it can be hard to find the DVD that you want to review.

That can be a problem if you’ve been to multiple movies, because the DVD will be different than the trailer.

Instead of a trailer, try to find a preview of the DVD and review it yourself.


Check out the official synopsis on YouTubeIf you can’t find the trailer, check out the synopsis for the movie on the Internet Movie Database.

The synopsis is usually posted on the same day that the movie goes into theaters.

You may have to search through the movie for a few days before you find the synopsis.

If the synopsis says the movie stars the “spooky, creepy, and brooding” Will Smith, you should be able a find the title.

The title should be the one you read in the trailers, but the actual synopsis can be the first one you see.

It can also be a good idea to check out a few trailers online.

Check back on your computer often and check out titles that have changed since you last saw them.

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