Danil Maulalana

On Monday, a poster made its way around the world.

It is entitled “F*** Irish People.”

The image was created by a man who is known only as Joe.

The caption reads: “What you do is irrelevant.

They know that, they’re going to believe you anyway.”

Joe says he’s made a point of not taking himself too seriously.

“You know what?

I don’t take myself too seriously,” he said.

“I’m not going to be the only black person doing this or the first black person who’s doing this.

You’re going a mile an hour, and it’s not going anywhere.

You just keep doing it, and that’s all it takes.”

Joe is also a member of the Black Liberation Army, which he says has helped to liberate him.

“They’re my family.

I grew up with them,” he added.

Joe’s father was killed by a white police officer during the Troubles.

“When my dad died, he didn’t say goodbye, he just went away.

My mother went away, too, and she never came back.

I never had any contact with her.

I was always like, ‘Why?

Why are you not coming back?

Why?'” he said of his family.

“And I still am.”

“I always thought I was a little bit of a black kid.

But I just always believed I was the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

I always thought it was cool that my dad was killed.”

Joe grew up in a poor family in a town called Drogheda, which was also home to many Irish refugees.

Joe and his younger brother, who he met through a mutual friend, had an accident when they were young, leaving their parents with no money.

Joe said his parents were reluctant to take care of him, and he had to beg from his family for money.

“My parents didn’t take no for an answer,” he explained.

“It was like, “We’re going, we’re going back home.’

It was just like, we can’t be a part of this country, and we don’t know what’s going on.

And my mom was like ‘I don’t want to see you anymore.’

I knew her as a friend. “

That’s when I met my wife.

I knew her as a friend.

We were always having fun, but it was just a different world.

So I got into the military, and I got out,” he continued.

“At that point, I knew I wanted to make a difference, and so I just wanted to help.

I went into the air force, and they didn’t even let me get on a plane. “

So, I was just in the military for six years.

I went into the air force, and they didn’t even let me get on a plane.

So, I just ended up in the Army.”

After serving in the Air Force, Joe went to the University of Pennsylvania.

“There, I met a woman,” he recalled.

“She was like like a teacher, she was like a counselor, she had an army background, and one day I met her and we got married.

Joe credits his father for his success. “

Joe and his wife decided to move to New York City, where they now live.

I could see the change in my life, I could just see the world,” he told the Irish Times. “

He made me a man.

I could see the change in my life, I could just see the world,” he told the Irish Times.

“If you’re doing anything that you want to do, if you’re living a normal life, and you’re not doing it for the right reasons, it’s going to make it harder for you to achieve what you want.

You can be happy with what you have, but you’re never going to feel like you’re the one that’s doing it.”

Joe and wife have four kids, all of whom he is proud of.

“One of my oldest children, he’s the one who loves me the most.

He loves my family, he loves his dad, and his dad’s just a great man,” Joe said.

Joe says the military has been his most important outlet to fight injustice.

“The military is where I grew my backbone, and when you get a chance to do something like that, you do it.

It’s like, no, I don- I’m not the only one that does it, I’m just the most important one,” he concluded.

“We got to go and do it because we can.”

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