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By Michael MearsheimerThe latest edition of “Motivation is a Verb” has gone viral on the internet, and the book’s author is getting praise for its message.

But the latest version of “Lack Of Motivation” — the title of a new book from the bestselling author of the “Good Calories, Bad Calories” trilogy — has come under fire.

According to the book, which has been downloaded more than 2.2 million times, “Lacking Motivation: Why You Can’t Achieve Positive Results by Lacking Motivational Beliefs” is full of “facts and figures that don’t make sense” and is “misleading and inaccurate.”

According to a review by The Atlantic, the book “makes the case that people with negative emotions are likely to have an unhealthy attitude toward life, and therefore should be actively discouraged from pursuing meaningful change.”

The book’s authors say the findings “should not be taken as gospel.”

The Atlantic also noted that the authors’ claims about “motivation” and “beliefs” are “misplaced.”

According a review from The New York Times, the authors “do not appear to understand what motivates us or the world around us, nor do they seem to understand that it is possible to make changes in our lives and the way we experience life.”

“Lack,” in its second edition, claims that “a lack of motivation can cause us to be unable to achieve positive results,” and “it can be hard to control our own actions.”

In an email, the author of “The Motivator’s Bible” wrote:”The book was originally written as a marketing tool for the new video game Vergil,” said the author, “and it has since been used by thousands of people as motivational material.”

Its purpose is to help those who don’t feel like they can get motivated or to motivate people who feel like the lack of a motivation is causing them to be unfulfilled.

The book is available in a free download for $2.99 on Amazon.com.Read more:

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