Danil Maulalana

John Key has said New Zealanders will be better off in the future if the country’s leaders “learn from the past” about how to win back trust from voters.

Key made the comments in a wide-ranging interview on Friday as he unveiled a raft of policies designed to re-energise the country.

Key said he would be willing to work with Labor to tackle the “disease” of negative campaigning.

He said he had not had a conversation with Labor leader Andrew Little about how he would address negative campaigning, which he said was “unfair”.

“I’m not going to sit there and argue with Andrew Little and say, ‘Hey, look, we need to fix this’.

I’m not even going to do that,” Key said.”

We need to make sure that people understand what we’ve been through, what we’re doing, how we’re getting it done and that it’s working.”

I think that’s a key issue for me, is that we’ve got to find a way of doing that.

“Key also spoke about a number of issues, including the coronavirus crisis and a series of high-profile resignations.

He also said he was “deeply troubled” by the number of suicides in New Zealand.”

It’s just a really sad thing, and I think people are really struggling with that,” he said.

Key also addressed concerns raised by some politicians about the Government’s “cronyism” by saying he had never been in favour of a “top-down, top-down government”.”

The people of this country have always had their say.

We’ve had a democracy for 200 years.

And I’m going to be very careful about any suggestions that I think that we’re all top-downs or all-powerful, that I’ve got a mandate from that or any sort of special privilege that I have.

“But he acknowledged there were “very powerful forces” in New England who were trying to block the government.”

The fact is that they are doing everything they can to obstruct our democracy.

And in the last few months, we’ve seen that very clearly,” he added.”

And I’m very concerned about the extent to which they are trying to put the brakes on our democracy.

“Key has previously spoken of a two-stage plan to get New Zealand back on track, beginning with the introduction of a single-payer healthcare system, then extending to the reintroduction of the carbon tax.

He was also asked about a new election law, which could see people voting on a single candidate, rather than a cross-party alliance, for parliament, and how that would work.”

Well I think it’s a very simple question.

What is the first step?

If the people are going to vote on a candidate, what are they going to get?

It’s not going go through a parliamentary process,” he replied.”

That is why it’s called a plebiscite.

It’s a question of the people voting for that person.

And if you think about it, it’s actually an opportunity for all New Zealand to come together.

“Key said he believed the Government was doing a good job of listening to the people of New Zealand, but said he did not know whether it was enough.”

Is it enough?

I don’t know.

I think what we have to do is look at the next steps.

And we’re going to keep doing that.

But I don. I don.

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