Danil Maulalana

I often find myself thinking “why did I get to this point?” or “what am I supposed to do?” and so I’ve put together a list of my best practices to get me to this stage in my career and help me motivate myself and others.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem.

You’ve probably heard of a few of these reasons as well, but in the end you may be surprised to find out what works for you.

I’ll share what works and what doesn’t, why you should try them, and what they’re like for the average person.

You’re probably also wondering how to make motivation work for you and why it won’t work for everyone.

If you’re still not sure what motivates you, I have some tips for you below.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t do more than what you can achieve, so if you’re trying to get better, you might want to consider using something like motivational interviewing.

I find that this is a great way to help people who aren’t getting as far as they could with a goal.

If they get really close, it’s a great place to start to work towards their goal, but if they’re really far off, it can also be an opportunity for them to work on their weaknesses or get a better understanding of themselves.

Here’s how you can do it, how to get started, and how to overcome them. 


Get in the habit of talking to yourself a lot When you’re working from home or anywhere else you’re not really motivated, you can easily fall into the trap of thinking “I’ll just focus on the tasks I need to do today”, “I’m not thinking about my next project, I just want to focus on myself”, or “I don’t have anything important to do.”

There are several ways you can start talking to your brain.

The first is with a journal.

Write down your thoughts and problems in the moment, then write down how you’re feeling.

For example, “I want to get a good night’s sleep.”

The next time you’re doing something, try to get your thoughts in order and your thoughts focused on that thing.

This way you’re more likely to get results.

If it takes longer to get to a goal, write it down as well.

For instance, if you can see yourself working towards a goal for 10 minutes each day, that’s a good start. 


Write your goals down in a journal, but be specific about what you want to achieve You can also write a list and list it off to a notebook.

For me, I use an old piece of paper that I’ve had since I was a teenager and which is still quite handy for when I’m working out.

It helps me keep track of my goals, the tasks that I’m trying to do, and the things I’m getting done.

I usually write it on a piece of white paper, and I try to write it in the morning and the evening, so I can reference it later. 


Have a schedule of goals The most important part of motivating yourself is the goals you set for yourself.

You don’t want to do anything you’re afraid of doing.

You want to set a specific goal for yourself and have it be something that you’re actually proud of.

For this reason, I try not to set goals too low and keep them low so I don’t waste time trying to achieve them, but you can definitely set a goal that’s too high, so you’re looking at an achievable goal.

For the most part, you should set a daily goal to do one thing that is important to you.

If a goal is too high and you’re scared of something that’s difficult or impossible to do in the near future, set a shorter goal for that, and try to reach that goal by yourself.

For a list or journal of your goals, use an easy-to-use productivity app like Lumosity or Todoist. 


Use a productivity app for your goals I use Trello, which is a free and free to use productivity app that I wrote about in my recent article about motivation.

It has a lot of features, like reminders, reminders reminders on specific tasks, reminders to make it easier to get things done, and so on.

I’m a fan of Trello for this reason.

It doesn’t have a lot going for it, but for me, it was an easy way to keep track on my goals.

I could create a note that said “today, I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do”, and then I could go to the app and set a task to accomplish it.

I can also use it as a way to remind myself about my goals so I know how far I can get on them.

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