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Google’s support for encryption has come under fire from privacy advocates and lawmakers after it was revealed the company lost interest in its own privacy policies when it was told by Apple in 2016 that it was the dominant way to store data.

The search giant has denied any wrongdoing and said that it would not change its encryption standards.

But in a series of tweets, a Google spokesperson said the company did not lose its desire to have a strong encryption policy, but instead had recently learned the “value of transparency”.

“We’re committed to protecting the security of our users’ information and our products,” the company wrote in a statement to Recode.

“We are committed to making our products as secure as they can be.

We know that there are strong privacy and security concerns, but we continue to work on these issues and look forward to continuing to do so.”

The Google spokesperson did not answer Recode’s direct questions about why the company stopped following the encryption standards when it became clear that it had not been the dominant encryption option.

A spokesperson for Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A company spokesperson told Recode the company had not received a request to change its policies, but it would look into the issue.

The encryption debate The privacy debate around encryption has been heating up in recent months as the FBI’s recent raids on suspected terrorist organisations have intensified public attention on encryption.

In April, Apple released a security update to the software, the latest version of the company’s iOS platform, that added new encryption features.

The company said the updates were designed to help prevent attackers from using the tools to gain access to encrypted messages.

But the FBI said it was targeting a way to unlock the phones of people suspected of links to the group.

Apple responded to the FBI by releasing a new version of iOS, iOS 10, that also added encryption support for encrypted messages and photos.

Google has been working to build a better security experience for its users by offering better encryption options, including adding backdoors that would allow attackers to bypass security protections in some parts of its products.

Apple has said it supports a new encryption feature called OpenPGP, which is built on OpenSSL, which was created in 2010.

OpenPGRPs are a way of encrypting information without the use of keys, and OpenSSL is used to protect messages on the Internet.

It is the encryption technology used by Apple’s own apps, and it is also the technology Google is working on to make secure.

“OpenPGP is designed to be as secure, or as robust, as possible,” a Google spokesman told Recodes.

“Google supports the OpenPGPs, as do many of the other major open source projects.”

Google’s spokesperson did say that Google would look at the implications of the FBI finding new encryption keys in its devices, and that it planned to update its encryption software and services as soon as it had the answers.

Google also said it would work with the US Department of Justice to make sure the software used in its apps and services was as secure.

Google said that if it was still using the same encryption methods, it would continue to support the OpenSSL software.

“At this time, we are working with our security partners to ensure that we continue offering OpenPGPGP encryption in our apps and other Google products,” Google said in its statement.

The new encryption system is not the only security feature that Google is introducing, and the company has previously rolled out a security feature for Google+ in its search results.

Google+ was launched in 2015 and has since grown into a social network, where users can share content and communicate via groups.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at the time that the new feature could help people find things on the internet they would not find elsewhere.

“One of the things that we’re going to do is allow people to look up and search for things they might not find anywhere else,” Pichae told Recoders Digiday conference.

“So if they go to Google, they can search for ‘What is the most popular food on Google?’ or ‘Where’s the best sushi restaurant in San Francisco?’

If you don’t know what Google is about, you can just look up.” “

It makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for.

If you don’t know what Google is about, you can just look up.”

Google is not alone in making changes to its security and privacy policies to better protect its users.

In June, Facebook announced it was moving to use a more secure way to share its users’ content, and in August, Twitter introduced a new privacy policy to make it easier for users to protect their data.

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