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A collection of the best motivational quotes has been compiled into a handy book of 20 motivational quotes.

It has been put together by a panel of experts to try and help you discover the best quotes to use on a daily basis.

Read on to find out the best books on the list, from the bestselling books on this list, and some of the other popular motivational books.1.

“Be patient and be kind” from “A Million Ways to Live” by Stephen CoveyThe title is an obvious one, but the real message is this: patience is key.

You might not be able to live without it, but you’ll probably be able more with a little more patience.2.

“It’s better to be wise than foolhardy” from The Art of Charm by Steve WozniakIf you’re looking to become a master of your craft, this is the book for you.

Its easy to read, simple to digest and, if you’re patient, will help you find what works for you and your life.3.

“I’m not afraid of the dark” from This Is How We Do It by John WoodenThe book of motivational quotes by John Wesley Harding is one of the most famous motivational books in history.

Harding himself was a highly successful coach and an athlete.

The book is full of wisdom on how to manage your emotions and overcome obstacles.4.

“If you can’t control yourself, you’re not capable of control” from Happiness is a Warm Gun by John BogleThe title might sound a bit cliché, but it’s true: when you’re busy, you can make mistakes and you can be overwhelmed.

This book is a great primer on how not to make those mistakes.5.

“Always remember that you are not a person, but a process” from A Short History of Success by Charles DuhiggThis book is an important book for anyone looking to change their life.

This is a book about what you can achieve and how you can do it.

Its not a book to just start reading it but to be inspired.6.

“We can be our best selves if we don’t judge” from Think and Grow Rich by Peter ThielThis is a classic motivational book, and one that will help anyone get through life with some guidance.

Its an interesting read, and you will find it to be a bit more practical than most books out there.7.

“No matter how small you are, there is always something bigger to achieve” from Don’t Make the Same Mistake by Daniel PinkIt’s a book that tells us to embrace failure as a tool for growth.

Its one of my personal favourite motivational books because it shows that you can learn from your mistakes.8.

“The hardest part of being a leader is the fact that you have to be able get the job done” from You Can Do It: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Steve JobsThis is one motivational book that everyone should have on their bookshelf.

Its a must read for anyone that wants to learn how to become the person that they want to be.9.

“What you are capable of is what you deserve” from How to Get Rich and Create Meaningful Life by Jeff BezosYou don’t need to be super rich or famous to have a successful life.

But if you can manage your stress levels, manage your anger and manage your depression, then you’ll have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to.10.

“Never stop believing that the world is a better place when you see it in your own eyes” from Everything You Should Know About Success by Dan BrownThis book will teach you how to overcome all your obstacles by following the advice that’s been proven time and time again.

It will teach your mind that you’re better than the people around you, and that you’ll succeed no matter what.

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