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With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq nearing their end, and America’s war on drugs coming to an end, it’s time for the world to step back and ask themselves what’s motivating us all to keep fighting.

As of 2016, more than 70% of Americans had at least one military or other military-related motivational quote, according to a survey conducted by The Associated Press.

While the number of military-themed motivational quotes has decreased over the past decade, the percentage of military and other military motivational quote writers has skyrocketed.

In 2016, the AP reported, more military-oriented motivational quotes were penned than any other time since the publication of The Art of War by Steve McQueen in 1977.

In fact, the number rose by 5.4% to 2.5 million.

The military-centric mindset has been described as “the brainchild of a single military brass and an unlikely group of thinkers, thinkers who, according a 2016 article in Military Intelligence Magazine, are considered “the most intelligent military minds in the world.

“In addition to being a highly successful military recruiting tool, the military-specific mindset also has the potential to inspire a lot of people to take part in the war effort.

According to a 2013 AP story, the mindset can help military personnel understand their role in the fight against ISIS and, in some cases, even justify their actions.

Military-centric military-inspired quote writing also can be used as a way to “connect with people who are otherwise reluctant to give military advice,” as one military recruiter explained to the AP.

“It’s not surprising that some people will respond more positively to military-type motivational messaging than others.””

The military has been using motivational tactics in its recruiting and selection processes for decades,” the report stated.

“It’s not surprising that some people will respond more positively to military-type motivational messaging than others.”

The AP noted that the military has “been using motivational techniques in its recruitment and selection efforts for decades” and “it’s not known if this trend has stopped, or if it’s accelerating.”

Despite the fact that military-driven motivational writing has been around for decades, military recruitment efforts have never been more popular.

According to the 2017 National Military Family Survey, more Americans are actively seeking military jobs than ever before, and more than 75% of those who do seek jobs are in the military.

According the AP, military recruiting is the third-most popular job in the U.S. behind law enforcement and the military, and is the fourth-most common occupation.

But according to The American Psychological Society, “people in civilian jobs are significantly more likely than those in the armed forces to be discouraged by the prospect of military service.”

The psychological effects of military recruitment are more complex than just “rewards” and, according the AP’s report, are more dependent on what kind of “job” the person actually wants.

In other words, the more “reward” a job gives, the less likely the person is to consider going back to the military or going to war.

As for the military recruitment trend, many people may think that military recruitment is a “necessary evil” because it helps the military recruit new soldiers and recruit new troops to its ranks.

However, according The AP’s study, the opposite is true.

In the same AP report, military recruiters cited that a recruiter’s military career is “an investment in the future,” that “receiving a military career can improve the quality of life for the recruiter, the recruiter’s family, the recruiser’s community, and the recruiters broader social network,” and that military recruiting may even “provide a positive mental and physical boost for the individual.”

The military recruitment boom is also a “reputation builder,” the AP report stated, and, as a result, many recruits “feel compelled to become part of the military community” after they have already served their country.

“It’s important to recognize that the job market is a social-networking market and that the recruiting community is a community of recruiters, not military members,” The AP said.

“We’re looking to get more people in our community.

The more we recruit, the better off we are.

That’s our goal.

The recruiter will help us do that.

The recruiters will help the community, not the military.”

The Associated Press reported that while there are many factors that influence whether or not someone will pursue a career in the civilian workforce, the most important one is “the military experience.”

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