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National Review article A thug has a high “motivation” score that is determined by the degree of physical aggression.

He’s “motivated” to fight back and fight back hard, and that’s what motivates him.

But this is not always true.

A thug’s motivation may be higher than the score on his “motivational index,” which measures a number of different psychological traits, including the extent to which they contribute to his “fight-or-flight” response.

But it’s important to recognize that the thug’s motive score is not the only factor in determining whether a person is a thug or not.

The thug’s “attitude” score also influences whether he’s a thug, but not by much.

If the thug scores “above average” on the thug motivation index, his attitude score is usually less than a thug’s score on the attitude index, which is typically the same as the thugs score on all other traits.

This means that even though a thug may have high scores on all of his personality traits, he may not be as violent as he thinks he is.

The same goes for the thug attitude index score.

If he scores below average, he tends to be more confrontational and aggressive than he actually is.

In addition, the thug has to score above average on a number in the “attitudes scale,” including “intimidation, aggression, and hostility.”

So, the person who scores high on the “motives index” may actually be a bully who is more likely to get angry and to retaliate than he thinks.

The next thing to consider is the “character index,” also called the “belligerent temperament index.”

This is a score that measures how someone thinks and behaves, and is calculated by subtracting “sincerity, aggressiveness, and violence” from the total score.

The character index score is often a good indicator of a person’s “ideal” personality type.

A person with a “high” character index may be very impulsive and violent, and a person with “a low” character can be very introverted and passive.

A higher character index is generally more typical for men than for women.

The “social competence index” is a combination of the “confidence index” and the “disorganization index,” both of which measure how well a person can handle the task of managing their own life.

People who score high on social competence index scores tend to be assertive and confident.

They are usually very open, but can also be easily controlled.

They have a low “toughness index,” and a high number of “social distancing” behaviors.

They tend to have high levels of “exaggerated” behavior.

And they are generally highly trusting of others, as shown by the higher levels of trust shown in “expert” evaluations.

But a person who is also highly confident in his own personality, a highly conscientious person, and who also has high levels and levels of disorganization in his social environment, is likely to be a “sociopath.”

The “reward index” measures how much a person values the “punishment” or “punishments” that others give him.

A high reward index scores a lot on the reward index, and this is often associated with high levels or levels of aggression.

A low reward index means that a person usually values the rewards of others.

A lower reward index score indicates that a individual values his own well-being above others.

So, a person whose high reward score is also associated with aggression, a high reward-value-based score is likely a bully.

The following table shows the scores for each of the different character index and reward index scales, along with their associated scores on the behavior index, the attitude scale, and the character index.

In other words, the more complex a person, the higher the score associated with his personality type (in other words the more highly valued he is in his community), and the more violent he is (in the case of the character indices and rewards), and vice versa.

The personality type is a more complex and nuanced concept than just a person type score.

It includes traits like intelligence, conscientiousness, and social maturity.

In fact, the trait that matters the most for a person to be considered a thug is the personality trait score.

A score of 0 on the personality index will mean a person doesn’t really belong in the thug community.

A personality score of 5 on the motivation index will be considered high-status and high-stakes, and will often lead to violence and criminal behavior.

A very low score on either of these scales means that the person is likely in the gang community and is therefore likely to commit crimes.

A “high value” on either the motivation or the character indexes is typically a sociopath.

A sociopath is someone who does not care about others, has low respect for others, and has a “lack of empathy

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