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If you have a family, you need to get your own home article 5.

If your career is going to take you to a new city, get a condo or a hotel room.


If it’s going to be a long day, you might want to bring your kids along.


If the weather is bad, you may want to take a vacation.


If there’s going in your backyard, it might be worth getting a dog to help with the yardwork.


If a lot of friends are staying at your place, make sure you’re sharing some of the space.


If things are going really well, it’s time to buy a house.


If someone is a bit cranky, tell them you’re going to have to buy him a new car.


If everything is going well with your job, make a point of having it done before you retire.


If something really happens, tell your friends that you are doing it because you want to get away.


If nothing is going really right, you can always just ask someone else for help.


If everyone else is on vacation, you’re a real pioneer.


If all you have is a car, it is time to start looking for a new job.


If that’s not going to happen, get yourself a new house and a condo.


If living in a home that you own is getting boring, you should have your own place.


If having children is not your thing, it may be time to move out.


If spending a lot on food is making you cranky and tired, you are probably not doing your best to enjoy your life.


If people are constantly criticizing you, tell the world about it. 22.

If some of your friends are complaining that you can’t afford to go out, it could be time for you to consider moving out.


If doing some chores at home feels boring, go out and do some chores.


If an illness or injury is taking its toll on you, talk to someone about it first.


If eating well is taking a toll on your health, you probably should not be eating so much.


If no one wants to help you, take your own life.


If this is your first time on this planet, you don’t know if you have the fortitude to get through it. 28.

If going to an event that you know you’ll never be able to go to is getting to be boring, maybe it’s worth going to the next one.


If somebody is asking you about your work, say, “I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to do it before, but I really appreciate you helping me.”


If they tell you that they’re going on vacation soon, say it. 31.

If nobody is happy with you, it would be nice to just say you are not happy with yourself.


If money is tight, get someone else to take care of your finances.


If life seems to be getting too hard, take some time off and get a new lease on life.


If if you are feeling a little down, tell a friend you are depressed and try to do something about it before you die.


If every day is a new experience, think about what it was like before.


If most of your work is getting done at night, go to bed early and get some sleep.


If work is taking up a lot more of your time than usual, get some time to get to sleep.


If family members are complaining about you, say something.


If anyone has a bad day, say a little something.


If one of your co-workers is taking all your time away from work, take a day off.


If being at home all day isn’t enough, try taking some time out to get some exercise.


If making the rounds of your office makes you feel lonely, get your friends to go with you.


If traveling to places that are not close to home feels like a chore, think of something else to do. 44.

If getting a new laptop feels like you are working too hard or you just don’t have enough free time, you have probably spent too much time at home.


If even one of the other people in your household is complaining about your job or the way you are treating them, tell someone about your problem.


If at work you feel stressed out, talk with someone who can help.


If working from home seems a bit more stressful than at home, it means that your job is not that much more stressful.


If trying to be calm when someone else is doing something difficult is difficult, it makes it even harder. 49

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