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Posted November 14, 2018 04:00:50 The big changes to Australia’s media landscape are set to hit.

The Coalition government has promised to make the media more responsive to the public and more accountable, while also providing more money for the ABC.

But in order to get to those goals, the ABC is also facing a raft of changes.

The ABC will be under a five-year “rebalance” process, starting in 2021, which will see the organisation absorb the ABC and News Corp into the ABC Trust.

It will also see the ABC move its news and current affairs program from the ABC’s local television and digital channels to a new, national ABC News 24.

This move will be led by CEO Mark Scott, and be overseen by the ABC Board.

The ABC will also move its current affairs show to its new ABC News website, and will be a standalone news service for the first time.

This is a huge change, but one that will come with a lot of challenges, particularly as the ABC has to contend with the changes to digital news that have been triggered by the introduction of the Fair Work Commission’s new pay system.

The shift is being welcomed by many Australians, and the ABC believes that the new model will give the organisation a chance to become more “responsive” to the community and better understand its audiences.

But there are some big hurdles to overcome.

What is the Fair Access Commission?

The Fair Access Act was passed by the Federal Parliament in 2016 and is one of the most ambitious media laws in Australia.

Under the Fair Australia Act, which was introduced in 2018, the Fairness in Media Act was introduced, and Australia has a new framework for how media outlets and broadcasters are accountable for their content.

The Fairness of Media Act requires media outlets to have a minimum level of social media engagement, including social media presence, content recommendations and community engagement.

In 2017, the Communications Minister announced that he had asked the ABC to “implement a framework of social and community content engagement”.

This framework includes social media content recommendations.

The proposed social media framework is an important step towards providing greater transparency to consumers.

However, it is unlikely to go far enough to make social media more transparent and accountable, especially for news organizations that are the most important voices for Australia’s communities.

The Federal Government has proposed to change the current system to make it more transparent to consumers, but the ABC understands that there is concern that this will only make the system more “corrupt”.

The Fair Access Committee was set up in 2017, and has been reviewing the media and publishing standards that currently exist for media organisations.

The Committee was told that the current media standards are inadequate, and that they should be changed to better reflect Australia’s cultural values.

A review into the current Fair Access Framework was released in February 2018.

At this stage, the committee is still evaluating the new Fair Access framework.

The committee is expected to report in late 2019 or early 2020, but it is not yet clear whether the committee will make any changes to the current framework.

While the Fair News and the Fair Reporting and Publishing Act (FPRPA) are the main legislation that will affect the ABC, there are other laws that will have a greater impact on the organisation.

The government has announced that the ABC will now be subject to a number of laws, including the Communications Act 1998 and the Telecommunications Act.

This will affect many aspects of the organisation, from the ability to award contracts to local media outlets, the ability of media outlets with commercial interest to make money from their local coverage, and even how they distribute content.

Some of these laws are also currently under review, but many will still have a significant impact on how the ABC operates.

Are there any significant changes planned for the future?

It is possible that the Federal Government will try to implement some changes to media standards, such as new rules for local broadcasters.

However these changes are not expected to have any impact on coverage of the ABC or other media outlets.

Another significant change is the introduction into the Federal Budget of a new “media integrity budget”, which will include a number new media “safeguards”.

These will include an independent body to oversee media integrity, and also a range of reporting requirements for newsrooms.

There will also be significant changes to how the media operates in the digital age, with changes in reporting requirements and digital platforms that will make it much harder for media to be taken down and replaced.

This is the ABC going digital: the future is digital article Posted October 15, 2018 18:00, UTC

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