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The US should drop the pretense that its politicians are good for anything, says Robert Peston, author of the bestselling book The Power of Positive Thinking: How to Think Like a Superstar, who says the best way to get results is to be yourself.

“What they really want is people who can’t think clearly,” he said.

“They want you to think like a dictator.”

He said the United States needs to stop being “like a superpower”.

“When you look at the world, it’s so much worse than it used to be,” he added.

“The world is in decline.

The world is so dangerous.”

He has called on the US to “stop being the superpower that the world thinks it is”.

The former head of US military intelligence and current CNN commentator, Peston said it is not easy for Americans to become great.

He argued that we need to look to other countries that have done so.

“We’re not as powerful as we think we are,” he told ABC News.

“We need to understand that, look to countries like China, South Korea and others.

The author of The Power Of Positive Thinking, Robert Parson, talks about why it is so important to think creatively and that being able to see yourself in others has a huge impact on your life.

Peston said if you want to become a world leader, you need to be able to think, write, act and express yourself with passion.

He says if we were to abandon this, the world would be a very different place.

In a recent podcast, Parson said if we are to succeed, we have to stop using our brains as a tool to get things done.

Instead, he said we should look to our hearts and minds, which is the most important part of being a leader.

Mr Parson has been speaking out about the importance of having a positive outlook since 2012.

His latest book, What You Need to Know About Winning at Everything: Winning Your Way Through the World, was published in October last year.

Follow us on Twitter: @ABCNewsThe Wall Street CEO says he believes the US is headed for a collapse if we don’t change course.

Former president Jimmy Carter says he would like to see Mr Trump and his administration shut down. 

He has said the US could have been a superpower and he believes Mr Trump would have been the US president if he was the only one in the White House.

Mr Carter said he would have voted for Mr Trump in the 2016 election if he were still alive. 

Mr Trump said he is happy to meet Mr Carter.

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