Danil Maulalana

What’s motivation?

I got a new obsession, and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

I’ve been doing the gym a lot lately.

I really like the idea of being in the gym and doing something physical, and doing it in a fun way.

I’m trying to get the whole family to join in, but the kids aren’t interested, the mom is more into her career.

The guy in my gym is not happy, either.

But I’m still looking forward to it, and if it doesn’t work out, I don’t mind the whole gym thing, so long as I can get back into it.

Mondays motivate quotes: -Hear me out: If I have a new hobby, I like to get into it right away.

I want to get in and out of my apartment in two minutes.

-Achievement: If you are struggling, you can do anything.

Just be consistent.

-Don’t be afraid to take risks.

-If you have a plan, stick to it.

-Have a plan B: Do something you can’t do now, something you know you can.

-Make sure you’re on time.

-Get out there and make something you want to be proud of.

-Try new things.

-Watch new shows.

-Go for walks.

-Listen to music.

-Read a book.

-Find out what you like to do.

-Learn new things about yourself.

-Give yourself permission to experiment with something new.

-Keep working.

-Enjoy being your best.

-Look to the future.

-Take control of your day.

-Focus on what matters.

-Start the new year.

Motivation synonyms: -I like being motivated by the work and the challenges I have to face, not the goals I want.

-Motivation is the drive that gets me to the gym.

-People are always going to say something that motivates them, so be sure to say it, too.

-When I’m going to the park, I’m motivated by going there and enjoying the experience.

-I feel motivated to go out, whether it’s on a hike or a run, or go out for a walk.

-Having goals motivates me, even if it’s not something I want or have ever set out to accomplish.

-Getting out there every day and being committed to something that I really care about motivates my brain.

-Being motivated by something is always good.

-It motivates your brain to do things you’re not used to doing.

-Success is not defined by how well you perform, but by what you do.

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