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Some people are driven to spend a great deal of time working hard and getting paid a lot of money, according to a new study from the University of Ottawa.

Researchers at the university looked at data collected by a survey of more than 1,200 adults in Canada.

They found that about a quarter of Canadians said they were hustling to get by, and that almost all people would rather work hard than spend money.

“Our findings suggest that a substantial proportion of people are motivated by the desire to work hard, and to earn money, but also to pursue their dreams of pursuing their dreams,” lead author Michael Smith said in a news release.

“People want to be successful, they want to feel confident in their abilities, and they want their money to help them achieve their goals.”

The study is one of several that have shown the negative effects of excessive spending.

In a 2014 survey of 4,000 people in the United States, about two-thirds said they felt like they were doing too much spending.

More recently, a report from the Economic Policy Institute found that a quarter said they would like to quit their jobs and start their own businesses to boost their income.

Smith said that while most people would prefer to work, many of them have the urge to do so.

“The urge to work is so strong that a lot people are willing to put in long hours for no money and for nothing in return,” he said.

“But we know that these things can be addictive, and people often want to do more and get more money.”

The researchers used the data from the survey to create a model that shows the effects of hustling and motivate.

The study found that if people were asked to rate the amount of money they spend, they would rate it much higher than if they were asked only about how much they spend on themselves.

“Hustle and encourage” also increased happiness, Smith said.

When asked about how to start a business, most people cited self-employment as the way to start their business.

But when asked about a new venture, the vast majority of people cited getting their first employees.

The researchers also found that people who were told that they were “hustling” to start something would do so much more than those who were not told that.

For example, in one case study, the participants were told they would need to work eight to 12 hours a day for six weeks.

After four weeks, the researchers found that the average worker would spend an extra $50,000.

The results also showed that when people were told to work two to three hours a night for a month, they were more likely to start an organization than when they were told not to.

The research was published online in the journal Health Psychology.

The authors suggest that people might be motivated to hustLE, but that the temptation to hustLED, but the need to hustLES is stronger when the motivation is not immediate.

They also suggest that some people may want to hustLADLE in order to stay motivated, but this could also lead to the same problem.

“We know that if you get stuck in a rut, you lose motivation, you don’t feel like you’re moving forward, and you get frustrated,” Smith said, according a news report from The New York Times.

“You start looking at all these different options, and there’s an impulse to start getting involved and get involved again.”

Smith said his team was also interested in studying the relationship between people’s desire to hustled and their happiness levels.

“One of the things that’s really exciting about our work is we can actually get inside people’s heads and see what drives them to hustling, and what actually gets them to work,” he added.

“It’s not that they’re stupid, it’s that they want the reward and the recognition.”

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine

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