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by The Associated PressThe AP – U.S.A.

A: Researchers say you might be able to increase your motivation by changing your diet.

A new study says it could be possible to improve your motivation through diet changes, particularly among people who have a tendency to become too motivated when they do something they have to do.

Researchers at Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio, found that when people were asked to complete a task, their motivation decreased.

Researchers used an artificial brain to test the hypothesis that a change in motivation could reduce motivation.

The study looked at about 10,000 people over a period of six months.

The participants had to complete the tasks in order to get an overall score on the computer and receive a credit for the tasks.

The researchers found that people who were asked, for instance, to choose between two products of the same brand and spend money on them, experienced a significant decrease in motivation.

The authors said the same for those who spent money on their own, either because they had to or because they wanted to.

“The fact that people had to do something and the reward was just to get it done was a positive,” said lead researcher Alex Karp, a doctoral student in psychology at Ohio St. He added that there were no differences between people who didn’t spend money and those who did.

Researchers also found that those who were more motivated tended to spend more time on tasks that were important.

They spent less time on other tasks, such as completing other tasks.

They were more likely to complete tasks that required concentration, and they tended to complete them quickly.

Participants also tended to do more tasks when they were hungry, as well.

The research was published online in the journal PLOS ONE.

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