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A new study suggests that an athlete’s motivation to cheat is the key to determining whether they’ll take advantage of an opportunity.

The study by researchers at the University of Victoria and the University at Buffalo says athletes who have the highest motivation to perform well in an event, like an Olympic final, should perform better than those who don’t.

“This finding suggests that the motivation for an individual to perform a task in an athletic competition should be related to performance in that competition, rather than whether the athlete is motivated by the reward of winning the competition,” the researchers write in the study.

In the study, researchers tested athletes from a range of sports, including soccer, track and field, gymnastics, soccer, and soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and basketball, volleyball and lacrosse.

They tested each athlete on their motivation to work out and how well they did on the task.

Then, the athletes completed a series of four tasks that required them to complete a number of moves that they were required to perform.

For each of the four tasks, the researchers tested whether the athletes’ motivation was directly related to their performance.

They found that athletes with the highest levels of motivation to complete their tasks performed significantly better than others.

For example, the participants who were motivated to perform better on the soccer task performed significantly higher than the others, with their average score on the test coming in at 73.5.

They also performed better on a basketball task, where they performed slightly higher than average on their task.

“The results suggest that high motivation to finish an athletic task is a critical factor in the performance of athletes, and that high levels of that motivation may be associated with better performance in the sporting event,” the study states.

But when it comes to cheating, there are certain aspects of an athlete that should be considered, including their motivation and their sport.

For the study to be valid, the team needed to know which athletes were motivated by what, and how they performed, before they could be sure that they’d done well on the exercise.

So the researchers also asked athletes whether they believed in cheating or not.

And when it came to whether they’d take advantage if they did cheat, they found that the more motivation an athlete had, the better they performed on the tasks.

“As an athlete, your motivation is the most important factor to you.

And if you have the most motivation, you’re going to be the best at performing,” lead author Robert C. Jones told CBC News.

Jones and his co-authors say that if you’re motivated to do well on an exercise, then your performance should be better than someone who doesn’t.

The researchers say that an athletic achievement is more than just a result of skill or performance, and the research team is looking into ways that they can better understand how athletes perform.

The research is the first to examine the role of motivation in athletes’ performance.

It suggests that if an athlete is at their best on a task, then their motivation is crucial to their success.

However, it also raises questions about whether motivation is always important in sport.

“If motivation isn’t there and you’re not performing well, then it’s not necessarily that you’re cheating,” Jones said.

Jones is the director of the Canadian Centre for Sport and Exercise Psychology at the university, and says the research suggests that athletes should consider motivation in their sport and not simply rely on a simple “if you do, you can do it.”

He said it’s important to understand how motivation works in sport, and to examine how motivation is related to success.

“It’s really important to have a clear idea of what you want your performance to be, and it’s also important to know what you don’t want your success to be,” he said.

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